Designed to FIT you.

About us

Clinically improving women’s well being

Initially developed for clinical purposes, the femfit® was intended to solve an unmet clinical problem – the ability to accurately assess and measure pelvic floor functions.

However, once development was completed and clinical results started to emerge, the team realised that other than being an assessment tool, the femfit® can also be used to help women to effectively strengthen their pelvic floor and resolve their incontinence symptoms – in the privacy and in the comfort of their own home.

Founded on technology from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute – The University of Auckland and designed by a team of global women health experts and medical device engineers – the femfit® by JUNOFEM brings together forefront technology, medical know-how and pure passion in an effort to support women’s health in a way that really fits them.


Meet the team

Diverse expertise, one great passion – this is us:

Jennifer Kruger, PhD.

CEO, Founder, CSO and director


  • A principal investigator at the University of Auckland Bioengineering Institute.
  • A member of the Scientific Committee for the International Continence Society.
  • An international expert in pelvic floor health research.
  • A passionate advocate of women’s health. 


“Maintaining pelvic floor health shouldn’t be considered a privilege, nor something that is unattainable for most. I believe that using evidence-based knowledge to help guide and educate women to live their lives to the fullest is achievable and worthwhile.”


To ensure that JUNOFEM’s technology is based on strong scientific evidence.

David Budgett

Founder & CTO


  • An Associate Professor at the University of Auckland leading a team developing medical devices with close links with industry partners.
  • An experienced Technology Development Specialist with a demonstrated history of taking academic research through tomedical devices (with numerous patents granted).
  • Experienced at novel technology transfer, medical device product design and regulatory approval purposes.


“We can make a real difference to a great number of women, it’s not without effort, but the rewards are enormous.”


David is the technical lead on product development and ensures the team follows an effective quality management system.

Laith Hermez, PhD

Head of Engineering


  • An Engineering Scientist with a keen interest in medical device research and development.
  • A Jack-of-all trades who loves inventing purposeful technologies that improves people’s health and wellbeing.


“Life is a journey of learning and continual improvement. We observe, ponder, try new things, get feedback, make progress, and try again. This how we learned to walk and talk when we were children…and how we engineer products at JUNOFEM.”


Leading the engineering team, product development, manufacturing  and medical device QMS.

Simon Malpas

Chair, Board of Directors


  • Currently a non-executive director at three medical technology companies.
  • Former Chief Scientist at Millar, a medical device manufacturing company in the USA.
  • Over 20 years experience commercialising R&D out of universities.


“Clinical need, great team, excellent technology and clinical insight; I can’t help but want to be involved…. “


As a member of the board, I’m advising the company and ensure sound commercial decisions are made.

Kent Lee



  • Expertise in Commercialisation of Science and Technology, Business Development, Medical Research, Research Governance, Finance Systems and Business Administration.
  • Facilitated 20 start-ups from University of Auckland medical research.
  • Investment Manager on the $20 Million University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund.
  • Manages the Medical Technology portfolio at the University of Auckland technology Transfer Office and has successfully negotiated and licensed out technologies into industry.


“I’m passionate in identifying impactful health technologies and working with technical, clinical and commercial teams to ensure these solutions reach the clinicians and patients they were designed for. Globally, JUNOFEM has the potential to improve women’s health and wellbeing and I’m proud to support this goal.”


Being involved with JUNOFEM from day one my initial focus was to secure initial investment and translating a University research project into a private company. Now, I’m continuing to advise directing the company towards its full and successful commercialisation.


Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. Jackie Smalldridge

Founder & Chair, CAB

Dr. Jenny Kruger

Founder & Advisor

Dr. Anna Rosamilia


Dr. Margaret Sherburn