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The femfit® is a wearable medical device that is designed to help women who suffer from urinary incontinence to restore and maintain their pelvic floor strength and health.

The femfit® uses a biofeedback technique which helps you become aware and in control of your pelvic floor muscles. The device is worn internally and as you contract your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles eight pressure sensors detect the movement and send signals via Bluetooth to the femfit® App on your phone and/or tablet. A bird flies as you contract the correct muscles, and the harder you squeeze the higher it flies. The App guides you through a series of clinically proven exercises by asking you to get the bird to follow a path which leads you through a series of contractions.

You will be guided through a series of exercises that will ultimately increase your pelvic floor muscle strength and co-ordination. The femfit® is able to show you exactly what is happening during this process and will help you do this correctly.

By strengthening and co-ordinating your pelvic floor muscles, you will gain control of your leaky bladder (urinary incontinence). Good pelvic floor health may reduce future issues such as pelvic  organ prolapse. A strong fully functioning pelvic floor may also allow you to return to activities that previously caused leaks.

Yes! The exercise programme used within the app was designed by a global expert in Canada. (C2004 Chantal Dumoulin, Pelvic floor muscle exercise programme: Universite de Montreal. All rights reserved.) The programme was developed and tested following individual pelvic floor muscle instruction by a trained physiotherapist. It has been shown to lead to a resolution of symptoms for women who complete the program. It does rely on the user being able to contract their pelvic floor muscles. If you are unable to visualise a pelvic floor muscle contraction using the femfit® as directed, please contact your clinician/physiotherapist.

The femfit® is made of 100% medical grade silicone, and all aspects of the design and components follow regulatory requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and ISO13485 for medical device products. 

We currently do not recommend the use of the femfit® during pregnancy, as the clinical studies for this use have not been completed. You can however use the App alone without the device to guide you through the exercises at any time. We recommend waiting 6 weeks post-natal before using the femfit® device and always recommend  you complete postnatal checks with a health care professional before starting any exercise programs.

It will be useful if you have a mild or moderate pelvic organ prolapse, however with a more advanced prolapse it may be difficult to keep the femfit® in place.  You may choose to do all the exercises in the lying position.

We  store data from your device, to help us develop algorithms to track your fitness progress. This will also support providing feedback on technique. We will not share your personal details with any third party without your permission.

The femfit® is a low risk (Class 1) medical device. All aspects of the femfit® design and
components follow regulatory requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Association
(TGA) and ISO13485 for medical device products. The femfit® has undergone extensive
evaluation including electro-magnetic compatibility, biocompatibility and electrical
safety testing.

You can choose to use the femfit® with or without the guidance of a medical

It is safe to use the femfit® with an IUD.

No, the device is for a single user only.

The App is available for both Android and iOS devices:
– For Android devices, download the App from the Google Play store by searching
– For iOS devices, download the App from the App store by searching “femfit”.

The inserted component of the femfit® device is very thin and approximately the
length of your middle finger. The device is made from a flexible silicone material for a
comfortable fit and is approximately 24mm wide, 4mm thick and 80mm long.


Sometimes working as team is just easier. If you would like to join a group, progressing through a pelvic floor exercise programme together and co-ordinated through a Facebook page, drop us an email to

The cohort will be held over 12 consecutive weeks through which participants will be guided through all 3 stages of the femfit® training program.

While we recommend you complete the training program within the cohort in order to regain full control of your pelvic floor while getting the full guidance and support along the way, there’s no obligation to do so. If for any reason you decide to quit, you can always start again and go through the training program by yourself.

A few reasons why it’s recommended to stick with the cohort:

  1. Experts support – You will be supported by our team of experts to help with any issues throughout your training program.
  2. Peer support – You’ll have a community of women who will go through it with you and as we all know, there’s nothing like good peer pressure to help keeping us on track and sticking with the program 😊. You’ll have a designated private Facebook group where you can share your experience, small wins, frustrations, questions and even funny moments with each other and with our team of experts.
  3. Help other women – Any user feedback collected throughout the cohort will be fed back into the product and will help our ongoing efforts to improve the femfit® product, app and overall user experience.

No. You can use your femfit® device and femfit® App on your own schedule without joining a group.

The idea of the group is to be there to support your journey if you would like this type of support.

Drop us an email to and we will let you know what cohorts are scheduled.

Getting started

Congrats! You’re about to begin your journey towards leakage-free life!

We’ll kick off on Tuesday, the 6th of October 2020, and will notify you once your device is ready for shipment. In the meantime, you’re invited to join our designated Facebook group which will be the place for you to get further guidance and support from the femfit® team and from fellow fitters in your cohort. We know you’re busy, so we’ll make sure to send you a reminder by email and through our Facebook group one day prior to kick off, so sit back, relax and get ready to get fit!

Connect your case to any USB charger with the cable supplied, the femfit®will charge while being stored flat inside. A white light inside the case near the USB connector will blink when the femfit® is charging, and stays steady when fully charged. A fully charged femfit® should last you for a month of training.

The femfit® battery lasts for at least 15 hours. The longest exercise session is 16
minutes so it is likely you will only need to charge your device once a month.

Wash your hands thoroughly before washing your femfit®; then use water and standard hand soap to wash your femfit®. Wash all grey parts of the femfit® (do not wash the white plastic component as this is the Bluetooth transmitter) then dry it completely with a clean towel/cloth.

In the App store / Play Store under femfit®
Click here to download the App:

No, the basic App is free.

Before using your femfit®, make sure you have an empty bladder and bowel. Press the power button once. A solid pod light means that the femfit® is on. Stand or lie in a position that is comfortable for you to insert the sensor into your vagina. Hold the sensor at the upper stem between your thumb and forefinger (there is an illustration in the quick guide that comes with the device). You may hold the pod and sensor in one or both hands as you insert it, depending on what is comfortable for you. Ensuring that the dots are facing toward the back, gently push the sensor inside your vagina. Make sure that the sensor is lying flat. Insert the sensor until it is completely inside your vaginal and only the upper stem is outside your body. If it feels like the sensor is not sitting correctly, gently remove and reinsert it. You should be able to feel the sensor but still feel completely comfortable. Once the sensor is in place, you can tuck the pod loosely in your underwear.             

The femfit® connects using Bluetooth, so make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Once the femfit® is inserted, press the middle  of the pod – this is the on button. A steady white light means it in on and ready to connect. A flashing white light means it is on and already connected. Then, open the femfit® App on your phone, the Welcome page will show your device name (matching the one located on the label on the back of the case). Select this name, and the white pod light should start to blink. You can then, if you wish, re-name your femfit® to any name you choose.

This process should only be done once; next time you turn on your femfit®, it will automatically connect to the App.

You sure can! Once inserted and connected to App, select the starter programme under challenges and follow the instructions; this will give you a feel of how the femfit® measures your contractions, how it appears on the App and how it changes in different positions. You can use this programme as much as you’d like but please note this is not a full exercise programme; it’s just there to help you get the hang of the femfit® biofeedback technology (where you can see your squeezes on the app).

Yes, you need to been connected to the internet when you use your device to ensure
your data is uploaded.

Getting Fit

The femfit® program is divided into 3 stages; each stage is 4 weeks long and requires a different type of training method and time:
– The first month offers 8-minute sessions that should be done while lying down
– The second month sessions last for 12 minutes and are done in a supported standing position
– The last month’s sessions are 16 minutes long and are done while standing up

Thefemfit® training program is built to fit your lifestyle and has realistic goals that busy women can achieve. Any amount of training is better than none; however, to make significant progress you’ll need exercise 5 times per week. The 2 rest days are also important.

Can’t make it? Manage to squeeze only 3 sessions in your busy week? No worries, you’ll still get fitter; it’ll just take a little bit longer.

If you follow the femfit®’s program and are training  5 times a week, you will most likely start noticing the difference within 4 weeks (depending on the severity of your incontinence). The femfit® program consists of 3 stages, each with its own method and goals:

First month – get to know your pelvic floor and the feeling of a correct contraction through 8-minute sessions in a lying position. You will start noticing a difference by the end of this stage. You are training your brain to understand what a correct contraction feels like and getting stronger.

 Second month – building muscle through longer 12-minute sessions in supported standing position. Most women would feel more confident and in control by the end of this stage.                                                                                                                               

Third month – getting the skill through muscle strength and coordination sessions in standing position. This month is about functional training and taking what you are doing into everyday situations. It is more difficult in the standing position, but once you master this, you will be more confident that you will be in control over your daily activities.

You can keep your traiuning programme on track during your period days by exercising without the device. Simply follow the exercise on the App; then get into the diary tab and click multiple times to record either ‘exercise without device’, ‘rest day’ or ‘period day’. Period days will be shown as pink on your calendar and can also be used as your period tracker (to help you avoid the monthly ‘surprise’ and be able to better track your monthly cycle).

Shopping and Shipping

The femfit® will be delivered to your home in a discreet fully recyclable box.

We ship all across Australia and New Zealand.

It depends on your location but usually it takes up to 5 business days to be delivered to your door.
All cohort participants will receive their femfit® before the cohort kicks off.

Check out our warranty statement for details on returns.


Leave the femfit® on the charger for at least two hours. Check bluetooth is enabled on your device. If you have further issues please contact us at

Check that your femfit® device is showing as connected on the ‘my day’ page. Then choose GO to get to the exercise list.

Ensure femfit® pod is seated flat in charger module (case). Make sure the USB cable is connected correctly. Check if the light is blinking (charging) or solid (fully charged).

Perhaps the check-in process set the goal too high. Try repeating the check-in process. Go to Settings and select Check In. If you are just starting don’t be too hard on yourself. It might take at least a week to learn to target your pelvic floor muscles.

Don’t worry too much. The baseline is defined during check-in. Perhaps you have changed posture? You can run the check-in again from the Settings page. Also, relaxing your pelvic floor muscles take practice and time to learn too. Deep breathing in and out sometimes helps. Remember to relax your stomach muscles as much as possible.

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