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Taking Back Control in an Unpredictable Year


I’m excited to take back control in this crazy year.

There is no hiding from 2020. It is an unpredictable year and I think it has left all of us feeling a range of emotions.

Personally, as a person who is a planner and doer, in the midst of a global pandemic, I find it difficult to deal with the uncertainty. That is why it has been rewarding to act and focus on my own health and wellbeing. This is an area of my life I have complete control over. I have a renewed dedication to the gym, running and believe it or not, my pelvic floor health. Working with Junofem, and using the femfit® has opened my eyes to this neglected aspect of my health.

Many women, including myself, were not told the statistics after childbirth. I certainly  wasn’t told the majority of women who experience minor leakage can fix the problem with effective pelvic floor exercises.  In fact, it was implied by my doctor that I had two kids and minor leakage was quite normal. Working with Junofem has shown me it isn’t. I am passionate about sharing and educating that not only is not normal, it is likely completely fixable.

The statistics around pelvic floor disorders is concerning:

  • Over 5 million women in New Zealand and Australia suffer urinary incontinence
  • 20-30% of sufferers are under 30 years old
  • 50% of women over 50 experience leakage
  • 16% of sufferers have never had children
  • 45% of elite athletes suffer

At yet….

  • 80% of women who complete a validated exercise programme will fix the issue. 80%!!

Had I been told that after my second child, I would have perhaps prioritised this aspect of my health. However, simply squeezing your pelvic floor when you are at the red traffic light will likely do very little! You need consistent, effective technique to see results, just like at the gym where there are no short cuts.

I’m proud to be involved with the femfit®. It is medical device that guides me through my exercises and shows me in real-time if my technique is effective and if I’m making progress. I love a goal and how I feel when I see strength improvements in the same way I do lifting weights at the gym. It motivates me to keep going with the programme. The device is wearable, I can fit my exercises into my busy full-time working mum life, and I can use it discreetly. I am in control of my own health and addressing a health problem.

We are about to kick off our first training program cohort in early October and along with our pelvic floor experts,  I will be moderating the group and also undergoing the 12 week program with everyone else. I have done it before and have experienced impressive results, but I want to share it in real time with the tribe of women I know will support one another on this journey. A group of strong focussed women can accomplish anything. You can still join here.

You can see why I’m excited to take back control in this crazy year.


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